PL Investments in the creative sector
Investment areas
Places for families
and children
New attractions in large Polish cities, offering entertainment or education for children and grown-ups. Available throughout the year, exceptional in their unique concepts. Examples of similar places in Poland: Hangar 646, Invisible Exhibition, The Dollhouse Museum, escape rooms.
Mobile exhibitions
Exhibitions presented over 2 to 6 months in one place, moving between large cities in Poland and abroad. Examples of well-known exhibitions of this kind in Poland and in the world: The Human Body Exhibition, Titanic, NASA or LEGO exhibitions.
Tourist attractions
Tourist attractions or educational-entertainment centres connected with history, designed in a modern and immersive way. Examples of such places in Poland: The Living Museum Of Gingerbread in Toruń, Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory in Kraków, Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw, Hydropolis in Wrocław.
Other ventures
Areas and concepts with large business potential, which incorporate our creative and production contribution while cooperating with a partner – a professional from a given industry. Examples include: computer games, animated feature films and series, created characters and worlds (Intellectual Property).
What makes us different
  • We create worlds, characters, stories and spaces that are conceptually attractive and engaging for a wide range of recipients. Our projects are memorable because of their visual side based on fresh, expressive design.
  • We work on original ideas and guarantee the highest quality of realization due to cooperation with highly regarded artists.
  • We create profound experiences, applying modern technologies in an innovative and surprising way.
  • Our investments have potential of generating profits much higher than returns in capital and real estate markets. Due to low correlation with the stock market, the investments offer protection in case of economic downturn.
Investments in progress
(Mobile exhibition)
A multimedia exhibition using an original concept to present a worldwide-known story. A wide target group includes school children, families and senior citizens. Created to be exhibited in the largest cities in Poland and abroad.
(Sensory Centre)
A new place for children at the age of 0-8 located in Warsaw. An attraction that stimulates sensory development in children- and parent-friendly surroundings. A visit includes a walk through a sensory maze, playing in an imaginative, nature-inspired world, as well as sensory and music workshops for children.
(Interactive fun-house)
Interactive fun house for young people, developed in partnership with companies and brands from the FMCG sector. A unique experience designed specifically for the target demographics, drawing inspiration from most recent trends in big cities around the world.
Joint venture projects
Joint ventures with business partners. These investments match Tengent's creative talent and business experience with specific contribution by a partner (such as industry knowledge, strong distribution, brand awareness, etc.). Example: a project realized in cooperation with a leading organization from the global e-sports market.
Partners welcome

We aim to establish cooperation with designers, producers and entrepreneurs from creative sector. We are seeking people whose original ideas, solutions and designs will surprise us and will have potential to become bestsellers in Poland and abroad.


We encourage people who would like to provide financial investment in our projects to contact us. The minimum amount of investment is 100,000 PLN.


phone contact:

Aleksandra Staszyńska

Studio Coordinator

+ 48 537 131 444
Team responsible for tengent ventures

Responsible for the fundraising process and coordination of TENGENT Ventures investment portfolio. Former Vice-president at Enterprise Investors, a leading private equity fund in the CEE region, where he was responsible for investments in new companies and supporting their development as a supervisory board member. Having left Enterprise Investors he has been involved in a series of projects in the creative sector in Poland and abroad as an entrepreneur. He is an accomplished investment professional with practical experience of starting and running new businesses.


CFO of TENGENT creative studio. At TENGENT Ventures she is responsible for the fundraising process, launching new projects and managing the investment portfolio. She has had many years of experience as an advisor in the areas of strategic management and corporate finance, including capital investments. Since 2014, she has been active in the creative sector. She is also an advisor to the management of JUICE animation studio. Previously, she cooperated with Platige Image in projects aiming at improving effectiveness and on new business development.


CEO and co-founder of TENGENT creative studio. Former board member and creative director of Platige Image. Producer responsible for the Polish Legends, Polish History Museum, the Józef Piłsudski Museum projects, and scenarios of the EXPO exhibitions in Shanghai and Milan. Executive producer of the animated short The Cathedral by Tomasz Bagiński, Seven Gates of Jerusalem and Akademia Pana Kleksa productions, as well as The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077 game cinematics.


Vice-president and co-founder of TENGENT creative studio. CEO and founder of JUICE, internationally acclaimed animation studio. One of the most highly regarded designers in the CEE region. JUICE has offices in Japan and in the UK. The studio has worked with BMW, Coca-Cola, EA, Fiat, History Channel, Nike, Mitsubishi, SABMiller, Toyota, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile, among others.